ICEPEAK, established 1996, is already one of the biggest sports clothing brands in Europe. Icepeak offers active sports clothing for the casual and not so casual customer. Icepeak offers functional sportswear in bold colors and young-minded design. The clothing is inspired by global trends and people’s lifestyle.​

Vihtori Luhtanen decided to start his own company in 1907. By the 1950’s he put an emphasis on leisure wear and by the 1960’s Luhta became a huge success as a brand name in Finland. Luhta’s unique design was just right for the fashion trends of the day. In the 1990’s Luhta had became a group of companies and its name was changed to L-Fashion Group. Luhta Sportswear Company is also one of the biggest clothing manufacturers in Europe. Exports activities cover in total over 50 countries.​

A new and truly refreshing specialty store homing in Albertville, Minnesota.

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